Lunch Stack Cardiff

Something very delicious has landed at The Ivy Asia. Discover our new and delicious Autumn Lunch Stack, filled with a range of dishes including Spiced Peanut Chicken, Robata Grilled Salmon, and more for just £25.95. We also have a range of vegetarian dishes from Spinach & Mizuna Salad and Avocado, Cucumber and Takuan Rolls. For just £30.95 you can add on our delicious Soft Serve Ice Cream with Cinnamon Doughnuts & Chocolate sauce.

Because every Lunch should have a cocktail with it right? Why not try the very refreshing Yuzushu Spritz with Roku Japanese Gin, Yuzu Infused Sake, Fever Tree Yuzu, Lime Soda and Prosecco. Curated to perfectly matched the flavours of the Lunch stack, for only £9.

Served Monday - Friday from 11:30am-16:30pm.